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Three Bridges

Ethos, Values & Moral Purpose

We know that primary education only takes 8 years, but lasts a lifetime.

At Three Bridges, we aspire to be an example of the best kind of primary school – one that creates great people. Staff filled with enthusiasm and passion alongside children immersed in a culture of sky-high expectation, relentless learning inside of a community of character.

Developing the building blocks for life-long learning is complex. Embedding and applying the knowledge and skills required to be exceptional is very demanding. At Three Bridges we know that these things are only improved and made permanent on purpose. Nothing happens here by accident.

Our ADULTS are professionally inspired, morally driven and provided with the conditions under which they are truly incredible. We ensure they are highly qualified, given extra time to research and reflect, and not inundated with unnecessary workload. Our professional capital is only outweighed by our professional happiness. 

Our CHILDREN are curious, creative and courageous. They thrive in challenge and soar when they are at the centre of their learning. Simply put, they are inspirational. No challenge is too big, no problem too difficult; they know what they are doing, why they are doing it and how they can be better. They are partners in the learning process – sometimes recipients; other times active participants – ALWAYS challenged, engaged and moving forward.



We spend a great deal of time working in collaboration with each other and partner schools. In an attempt to be our very best, we use these opportunities to learn and help others learn. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a few steps in the right direction and know that being a great school is only possible in fellowship with other schools. Together, we strive to:

  • make a difference in the lives of all pupils;
  • commit to reducing the gap between high and low performers within our school and community of schools;
  • contribute to reducing the gap in our larger environment through open days and school to school support; and
  • transform the working and learning conditions of our teachers so that growth, commitment, engagement, and the constant spawning of leadership is being fostered