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Three Bridges


"OUTSTANDING in every category" - Ofsted

"An OUTSTANDINGLY Happy School" - Art of Brilliance

“The happiest school on earth” – The Guardian

"You are part of a FAMILY." - Parent
"You learn a lot and you make friends." - Pupil


Three Bridges is an incredible school. 

We believe in providing a world-class education to our young people and supporting them to become their very best.  While we exceed the basic goals of creating very literate and numerate children, our aim is much bolder: to help develop truly incredible young people – to create critical, creative and contributing citizens of the world. 

Three Bridges is Southall's only Ofsted OUTSTANDING primary school.

We pride ourselves on providing an environment characterised by Professional Capital and Moral Purpose.  We hire the very best staff, provide them with excellent development opportunities, allow them to collaborate, research and innovate in order to make the best decisions for your children. We spend time leading learning in partnership with other schools because we believe that those relationships make us stronger. 

We focus our efforts on providing a world-class experience that emphasises a number of important areas:

1 – Sky High Expectations
We create the conditions for EVERY child to succeed

2 – A Balance of Knowledge & Skills fit for the 21st century
We believe in a healthy balance of a knowledge-rich curriculum and the life skills that are required to propel our young people forward 

3 – Experiential Learning
We know that learning is not limited to the classroom

4 – Inclusion and Community
We do not use damaging ‘ability’ labels and our curriculum is reflective of a global community - diverse, multi-ethnic, and reflective of a range of experiences, stories and identities

5 – Happiness
We know that happiness and well-being are the cornerstones of life-long learning – and we love everything we do

Three Bridges is an internationally sought after learning & teaching centre of excellence.  We provide support and development to schools from across England and around the globe, including Germany, Australia, Malta, Singapore, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Belgium and Canada.  Over the last 5 years, hundreds of schools have visited Three Bridges, and thousands of school leaders and teachers. Our team works with schools from around the country to improve education for every child.

Our work has been featured in a number of publications, including Dame Reena Keeble's 'Best Practice in Primary', Teach Primary's 'Outstanding Schools', The Key for School Leaders, The Teacher, Primary School Management, Leadership Focus, Education Leadership and Management, John Hattie's Visible Learning: Feedback, @TeacherToolkit's Mark.Plan.Teach & The Financial Times.  The Guardian called us 'The Happiest School on Earth'. 

Our incredible curriculum combined with our talented professionals and remarkable young people creates a brilliant school for all of us.  The journey of education is life-long and we would be honoured to take a few steps with you. 

Welcome to Three Bridges.


Jeremy Hannay