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Life Without Levels

The government’s policy of removing level descriptors from the National Curriculum is set out in terms of freeing schools from an imposed measure of pupil progress. The Department for Education (DfE) has said that levels are not very good with respect to helping parents to understand how far their child is improving. In their place, from September 2014, “it will be for schools to decide how they assess pupils’ progress”.

Whatever day-to-day assessment system schools opt for, the need for students to be tested against some form of benchmark during the course of each year is clear. Schools need to be able to demonstrate how well their students have learned and what progress they are making, ensuring that they are on track to meet expectations and taking action if individual pupils are falling behind.

At Three Bridges, we are using a combination of teacher assessment and standardised assessment to determine the progress and attainment of your child.  We feel that this combination leads to the best overall picture of your child's strengths and needs.  


Please review our NEW assessment procedures for the most up to date information.  We would like to thank Beaver Road Academy Trust in Manchester for their support and pioneering work around assessment.