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Uniform and Dress Code

From September 2021, our uniform is changing.  

We believe it is important to balance looking smart, being active, a sense of belonging and cost.  It is with these factors in mind that we have decided on a few changes:

A - Our uniform no longer requires a school logo of any kind.  This will help reduce costs tremendously and allow you to buy the uniform in virtually any shop.

B - We will be 'sporting' a more active uniform, eliminating the need for full clothing changes in PE, often taking up too much learning time.  This means we are replacing the traditional trouser and skirt with jogging bottoms & replacing formal shoes with plain trainers.  

C - The school colour scheme is changing from Navy and Yellow to Navy and Light Blue.


All children attending Three Bridges from September 2021 should wear the following: 


Shoes Plain black trainers
Socks Plain black, dark navy blue, or dark grey sport socks
Bottoms (jogging bottoms, shorts) Plain navy blue or black
Tops (polo, sweat shirts) Polo: Light Blue
Sweat Shirt: Navy Blue
PE Kit Colour House plain t-shirt 
PE Bag purchased from the school office
Book Bags Purchased from the school office.  All children (apart from Year 6) to bring daily

We have taken a look at some popular shops to see where you can get the best deals.  You can see our list here - but please feel free to buy them from any shop you like. 

In the final weeks of the summer term 2021, we will be sending out an order form, as we will be supporting every family with 1 new uniform set (polo, sweatshirt and jogging bottoms) in September, thanks to a generous donation from the charity 52 Lives.