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Research Partnerships

Research is at the heart of our pedagogy at Three Bridges Primary; it informs both our approaches to teaching and our teaching programmes. Through Lesson Study we provide the opportunity for all our teachers to be involved in action research at first hand, as well as encourage them into their own further research - a number of our teachers are carrying out their own Masters or Doctoral research. As well as this, we receive offers for outside research partnerships. 


Jeremy Hannay: A doctoral study investigating the association between social capital (lesson study), school and professional development and improvement.  The study was looking specifically at how enacting lesson study at Three Bridges would be associated to school climate, teacher self-efficacy, teacher learning and teacher development.  The study involved soliciting teachers views through individual and group questionnaires and interview on the above topics prior to lesson study and after 2 waves of study.  


Shaun Thompson at Durham University: As part of a piece of doctoral research, through Durham University, a small-scale study focusing on supporting autistic pupils with mathematical problem solving has been carried out at the school. The research has a particular focus on the use of the bar model, as a visual representation, to support pupils’ mathematical understanding and problem solving and aims to support education staff in providing the best support in mathematics for these pupils.  

Ed Southall: A PhD study investigating the characteristics of DfE approved pedagogical teacher guides and resources in primary mathematics in England, and the role of teacher agency in their implementation.

Hengameh (Sarah) Karimi: As part of a piece of doctoral research, through the University of West London, a case study research on exceptional primary schools focusing on untangling the relationship between educational leadership and school improvement has been carried out at the school. The research has a particular focus on examining the role of school leaders and teaching staff in the process of moving schools forward. The aim is to explore effective leadership forms (models) that best contribute to improvement in primary schools.   



We appreciate the important role research has to play in our own school community, but also recognise the moral purpose we have to support others in their own research. This will drive and evolve the learning out our school and the profession as a whole.