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The Leadership Retreat

The idea is pretty simple: 
get a small group of HTs together for a day
feed them
hydrate them
provide short burst reflective, facilitated and dialogic input on leadership
build in a series of 90 minute blocks of uninterrupted time throughout the day for that governor's report you want to write, or the email you want to spend some time crafting, or phone call you need to make
time to read an article or catch up on email
time to connect with other HTs
be coached
bounce an idea off of someone
just talk
no guilt, no strings
just some time to pause without the knock on the door
or the 'do you have a minute' 30 minute conversation :)
The day would have you arrive between 8/830 and end around 4/430
You would have quiet spaces to work, make phone calls, get things done
And space to connect and network with the other HTs
The leadership retreat is 5-6 times annually.  
Dates are COMING SOON!
For more information, please contact Jeremy Hannay